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A woman prepares to lift a barbell, with the words "Two-Brain Business Daily Directive" as a caption.

Daily Directive: July 10

Today’s directive: Register for a free webinar with authors Mike Michalowicz (“The Pumpkin Plan”) and Chris Cooper.

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A portrait head shot of Two-Brain Summit speaker and author Risha Grant.

How Risha Grant Can Help You Find Your Blind Spots

“We don’t have a diversity problem. We have people problems.” —Risha Grant Risha Grant isn’t scared to answer the real questions. So after I attended one of her webinars, I had two new ones: When’s the next one? How can I get Risha in front of gym owners? I firmly believe that microgyms are living examples of inclusion and equality—or they can be. Many of our gyms aren’t as racially or ethnically diverse as they could be. An example from my own gym: A new client went through my RampUp process and chose to continue with the group training option. On his first day, I met him in the office and walked through to the big gym to introduce him to his group. Everyone said hello in that way only group exercisers can: high fives, welcomes and lots of congratulations. After shaking hands, the new client walked straight across the room to the only other black person and said this: “Hey, they got both of us here now!” They cracked up. I cracked up. The joke was that there were only a couple of black men in our city, and now they both belonged to the same gym. But, of course, that’s not true. Our city is diverse. So why were almost all of my clients white? Why were all of my coaches—who came from my clientele—white, too? Risha Grant answered that question for me. She told me things that I could fix myself but also how to get more people of color into my gym. She gave me a balance of “how to help more people” and “how to make your business better because of it.” She bridged that gap for me. Risha talks in her work about unconscious bias and encourages us to “be the change you want to see.” Her work is helping guide me as I take action to ask questions more regularly, to update our policies …

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Daily Directive: July 9

Today’s directive: Interview 10 clients to find out how you can help them more with coaching that goes beyond just exercise.

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Picture of Chris Cooper.

The Exact Steps to Building a Sales Engine at Your Gym

Chris Cooper on selling without selling, hiring and training salespeople and the difference between sales and marketing.

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A portrait head shot of registered dietitian Jen Broxterman holding a yellow kettlebell.

How Jennifer Broxterman Will Help You Change Lives

Help clients more effectively: How registered dietitian Jennifer Broxterman will inspire you at the 2020 Two-Brain Summit.

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Daily Directive: July 8

Today’s directive: Write down your vision for success, then share it with your team as you continue working through these challenging times.

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