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Picture of Brian Zimmerman with title text reading "Make More Money for Years: Amazing Client Onboarding."

Make More Money for Years: Amazing Client Onboarding

Brain Zimmerman shows how a great onboarding program builds revenue, increases retention and creates new business opportunities.

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A portrait image of Two-Brain Summit keynote speaker Seth Godin.

How Seth Godin Can Help You Run a Gym

How author and entrepreneur Seth Godin can help gym owners tell better stories and grow their fitness businesses.

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On a green background, the Two-Brain logo and the words "daily brief."

Daily Directive: July 3

Today’s directive: With permission, tell the stories of three clients who have had success with your nutrition coaching.

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A bright blue bowl full of yogurt and fruit with the words "this blog is delicious" beside it.

Three Steps to Great Nutrition Content (and New Clients)

Check out three easy steps that have worked to bring in numerous nutrition clients without any paid advertising.

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A clipboard with the Two-Brain Business logo and the words "daily directive."

Daily Directive: July 2

Today’s directive: Review our list of writing prompts, then answer two questions members of your audience are asking.

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Picture of Chris Cooper with title text reading" Creating Sticky Stories That Sell Gym Memberships: Chris Cooper."

Creating Sticky Stories That Sell Gym Memberships: Chris Cooper

Chris Cooper talks about the time he was strip searched—and how great storytelling will make your business stronger.

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