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Category: Vision

Reasons to Be Optimistic

The coronavirus crisis is a real threat to the fitness industry. We’d be crazy to say, “Don’t worry. It’s all going to work out.” But there are reasons to be optimistic. Here are six.

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How to Lead in a Crisis

Leadership comes down to two words: “Follow me.” And the CALM method makes it easier for people to follow you. Here’s how to use it.

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A purple and pink graphic image of the coronavirus with the words "daily brief."

Coronavirus Response: March 21

The daily update. Today’s Tactic: Plan to deliver workout customization to each client each day. Budget six minutes per client for the first week and three minutes per client in following weeks.

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The Beauty of the Bottom

The beauty of the bottom is that there’s only one direction left to go. I hope you aren’t there, but if you are, look up. And look for the new Two-Brain Roadmap.

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The Four Fears of Entrepreneurship

After working 1:1 with thousands of entrepreneurs around the world, our team of certified mentors has identified four key fears that kill entrepreneurs. Here they are, and here’s how to overcome each one.

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An obsessive man lies on his lawn and cuts a single blade of grass with red-handled scissors.

Consistency > Perfection

Strive for excellence. But when you can’t be excellent, know this: You’re more than good enough already. Ship, publish, hit “send.” This is how to use consistent but imperfect action to create great progress.

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