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Episode 10: Automated Marketing and HUGE GIVEAWAY!

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After a few years in business, Jake and his partner Dan began chatting with me as a mentor through Most gym owners have specific strengths, and Jake was an immediate standout in one area: email communication.
Our first foray was “Teacher’s Week,” and Jake knocked it out of the park. We describe the promotion and strategy in great detail. He got 12 teachers to sign up, and emailed them every evening. Jake’s training as a fire lieutenant has enabled him to think through situations one step at a time, and he used this skill to direct his communication to each teacher. He was saddled with clunky processes and software, but hammered through. He described each daily email point-by-point. At the end of “Teachers’ Week,” Jake had 8 teachers sign up for his Foundations program and 5 are still around seven months later. That’s thousands of dollars in new revenue for the price of a few emails and one great idea.
We talk briefly about why a “Free trial” or “Free week” usually doesn’t work without context, like “Teacher’s Week.” Some affiliates are now providing up to two months of free training and expect the client to simply fall in love and stick around. But most of these gyms aren’t doing the things that will actually KEEP the client. Jake does these things well. He talks about the “No-Sweat Intro,” which I encourage every gym to use, and calls it a “Game Changer.”
Jake followed this success with an approach to a local football team, whose coach was vehemently anti-CrossFit. Jake convinced the coach to try a free mobility session for the team–and then a free nutrition seminar–and eventually landed the team because he’d built a foundation of expertise. The team has since committed to 4 weeks of annual training at $1000 per week.
Realizing the service he needed to automate this marketing was missing from our world, Jake partnered with a web developer and started You’re going to love it. But don’t click it yet…
But first, a note about cognitive biases: I read a LOT of websites. I don’t it when a form pops up and asks for my email. But if the content is good, I’ll share it. And I made the huge mistake of thinking my clients thought exactly the same way I do. You can read more about my functional fixedness problem here. You probably have the same issue. We talk a bit more about the psychology of email in the interview.
Last year, Jake ran a “Couch to CrossFit” program in January. It was successful, but this year it’s going to EXPLODE. And you can can do it, too.
His 2016 “Couch to CrossFit” program launched 48 hours ago, and he already has 6 clients enrolled. The process is fully automated, and we’re giving it to YOU. Right now.

The Couch to CrossFit strategy is a standalone program geared towards getting new members into the gym. The downloads you’ll get free are over 8,000 words of free content including:
  • 14 pre-written emails
  • a facebook post
  • 4 handouts
  • an infographic
  • a complete 4-week training program.

This program has a proven track record and is completely turnkey! Read the full list of content included below the link!
Download it, and you can launch your Couch to CrossFit program within TEN MINUTES.

Click here:

Couch to CrossFit Program
Content included (already written for you!)
Program Overview/Implementation Guide
Coaches Email
Email List Email
Current Member Email
Registration Email
Facebook Picture and Post
Week 1: 
Post Class Handout
Post Class Email
Mid Week Email
Programed Workout
Week 2: 
Post Class Handout
Post Class Email
Mid Week Email
Programed Workout
Week 3: 
Post Class Handout
Good Carb Bad Carb Info graphic
Post Class Email
Mid Week Email
Programed Workout
Week 4: 
Post Class Handout
Post Class Email
Mid Week Email
Programed Workout
Post Couch to CrossFit:
Follow Up Email 1
Follow Up Email 2
This program will make you money. But more importantly, it will save you TIME.
“It was taking too much time. Now I’m spending that time kissing my wife and running around with my kids instead.” – Jake Johnson
We talked about where automations can help–intake, retention and even exit interviews–especially with “low-hanging fruit.” You’re going to hear this and think, “Oh man, I NEED to be doing this stuff…” and you’re not alone.
Jake’s ideas will inspire you. You’ll get a ton of ideas from this episode (and that’s always my goal.) But you’ll also get a lot of momentum if you try Jake’s “Couch to CrossFit” program–and it’s FREE. Merry Christmas!
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Recorded December 14, 2015.


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